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Concrete batching plant

New technology application in Hebei double star concrete batching plant.

The cleaning note of concrete batching machine: The concrete batching machine can be the heart of commercial concrete batching plant,if you want to finish the predetermine output of the concrete,you must chose the correct batching machine,and the use and clean must be with the standard.The following passage will show you the key clean standard of concrete batching machine,asphalt concrete batching machine which are put out by the famous concrete producer in China. The expert said that:The concrete quality is decided by the concrete batching machine,so the daily operation of the batching machine are very important,and ti is also necessary.And if we use it,we will face the problem of cleaning,so we shoud pay attention to: 1,How to eradicate the concrete in the concrete mixer drum? Try to use chisel instead of sledgehammer. 2,After the strike of the concrete bathing machine,pour water and sand into the batching tank for a 10-15minutes cleaning,and the cleanup the water and sand.And don not forget to cut off power supply when cleaning. 3,Timing clean,maintenance and protect the projects like clean,smooth,fuel filling,etc.

2015-05-01Last:New technology application in Hebei double star concrete.